Top 10 Most Annoying Characters to Fight Against in Smash Ultimate

Most Annoying Characters to Fight in Smash Ultimate

Annoying Characters Ruin Gaming Experiences

Unless you’ve been living under a rock since way back in 1999, you’ll at least be acutely aware of the Smash Bros franchise. This iconic series brings together gaming’s finest characters together to offer the player a varied and diverse roster of fighters to choose from. Each character has their own perks and pitfalls so that you can find the ideal character that’s right for you and you can exploit the weaknesses of any opponent. No one character is infallible but what you will find is that some characters have some infuriating traits and abilities.

These abilities might be annoying due to their speed, combo ability, the length of time the attacks last, their ability to use ranged projectiles, or their ability to break shields in seconds. Of course, it’s worth saying that in the hands of any skilled player, most characters can be infuriating to play against but there are some that just take it to another level. So let’s jump into it, shall we? Here are the top ten most annoying characters to play against in Smash Ultimate.

#10 – King Deedee

Annoying Character King Dedede

We begin with that menacing penguin with the big ol’ mallet, King Deedee. This character is mind-meltingly annoying for a number of reasons, the first being that this annoying character is incredible at chaining attacks together with seemingly no pause or lag between them to give opponents a chance to counter. Then on top of that, King Deedee’s minions, the Gordos have one of the most fierce vertical knockbacks in the game, rendering you helpless. Plus if you’re over 75% you best believe these things will send you packing. The best way to counteract this is with a skilled long-ranged character but if your main relies on getting up close and personal, prepare for a hard time.

#9 – Isabelle

Annoying Character Isabelle

Maybe it was all those doom memes that enhanced her combat skills but we can confirm, the pure and innocent Isobelle will have you chucking controllers across the room. On paper, her moveset doesn’t look too bad to manage with her turnips and rocket bombs. However, the key to this character’s success is their fishing rod move. The reach on this move borders on unnatural and allows her to pull you in to deal brutal combos. Picture Roadhog from the Overwatch series but with a cute, smiling face when they send you to your demise.

#8 – Ganondorf

Annoying Character Ganondorf

Link has always been pretty proficient in taking down the series antagonist Ganondorf with ease. However, within the smash series, Ganondorf will win more times that he won’t thanks to his powerful attacks. You’ll find yourself working tirelessly, putting together a string of thoughtful and well-planned attacks to chip away at him, only to be undone by a handful of mammoth strikes by this guy. Ganondorf can easily see you off with three neutral attacks and a down-B attack so be sure to stay moving, be evasive, and don’t let him hit you because he doesn’t mess around.

#7 – K Rool

Annoying Character K Rool

Next up we one of the most infuriating characters on the roster. K Rool is able to recover faster than any heavy on the roster, he can use his helicopter backpack to get from the bottom of the blast zone right back up to a ledge with ease. He has an excellent edge guard move in the form of his cannonball that is easily spammed as well. Not to mention that all your neutral and standard attacks will bounce right back thanks to his super armour belly. It’s a matter of patience, bravery and timing that will help you dispatch this character but more times than not, you’ll find yourself on the losing side and screaming expletives at your screen.

#6 – Ness

Most Annoying Characters to Fight in Smash Ultimate

Next up is a character from the beloved Earthbound/Mother series, Ness. He may not look like much but he has a move set capable of instilling rage within seconds. The most notable of these moves is the ‘PK Fire’ attack that can be spammed from long range. Not only is it an annoying sound to hear every two seconds but if Ness gets set up in a corner and camps out, you better be equipped to dodge this notorious move or its nighty night for you.

#5 – Little Mac

Little Mac

Now we have the little boxer with a big impact on your mental wellbeing, it’s Little Mac. This guy has a number of strong and varied ground attacks that you would expect for his character. He’s great at edge guarding, has armor on his smash attacks but the real kicker is this. The guy is super agile in the air too which doesn’t really translate to the character at all. Which means that his KO Punch will be able to reach you anywhere. Granted his air ability aside from speed is weak but all he needs to do is rush you to get the punch off and you’re toast.

#4 – Inkling


Two words, damage multiplier. This Splatoon character aside from her annoying skill already has a decent moveset ideal for stringing together combos and her dash move is so effective allowing her to lay low and plan her next move. However, the most agitating aspect of this character by far is getting covered in her ink granting her a 1.5x damage multiplier and slowing you down drastically into the bargain. Inkling mains are calculating players that will play the long game and punish you when you least expect it making them the cause of much frustration within the Smash community.

#3 – Snake


Yes, that’s right, it’s the big boss himself. He’s an annoying character for the same reason that Ness is an annoying character and that’s due to projectiles. Snake can use grenades for stage control and corner camping making him an easy character to loathe in battle. He can also edge guard successfully with his C4, grenades, and up smashes. Then to top it all off, the guy has the second-best up tilt in the game, falling short to Falco. Overall, a really irritating character to manage on the field of battle.

#2 – Captain Falcon

Captain Falcon

First of all, it’s annoying to play against this guy purely down to his obnoxious bold voice as he says “Falcon Punch”. However, there is more than that to get your blood boiling. This guy has the same hard-hitting capacity as Ganondorf but with a heap more speed, meaning that he can close you down fast and deliver hard-hitting blows that send you packing. Plus, his hitbox just doesn’t seem to register a lot of point-blank hits you deliver, leading you to scream incessantly that you hit him while he proceeds to win the bout. Talk about agitating.

#1 – Olimar


Ok, here us out. So this little guy is the quickest and most efficient way to take all the fun out of a smash battle. The only way to play this character is from the range with projectiles if you hope to win. So you’ll find yourself trying to dodge multicolored Pikmin all game while they hide in the corner. Then if you can’t dodge these attacks, you’ll take a lot of damage too. He’s unbalanced, he uses cheap moves, he is really dull to watch and above all, he’s in our opinion, the most one-note, irritating character going.

Bonus – Sonic the Hedgehog

MultiShine Controllers Modded Controller

So this one was too easy to pick because obviously due to COVID-19, Sonic has seen a huge increase in playtime on WiFi. Let’s not forget most Sonic players don’t have a LAN Adapter. You’re probably going to run into the spam of spin dash and his other moves that will most likely be done to try and time you out. The community doesn’t think this is worthy of a ban but there should be stricter rules in terms of camping and timing players out. Now if you’re a true Sonic main that plays without gimmicks, kudos, you won’t be hated. With that being said, all characters have their flaws and overpowered moves but the one thing you can do as a player is adapt and learn how to overcome the other person’s character and playstyle.

How Can I Deal With Annoying Characters in Smash Ultimate?

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So that’s our list of the most annoying characters to play against in Smash Ultimate. Which one of these listings do you agree with? Do you main as any of these characters? Do you think we left off any more annoying characters?

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