Ultimate Modded GameCube Controller Build – Smash Ultimate

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Meet the last GameCube Controller you’ll ever need for Smash Ultimate. Hand-built to improve your tech skill and level up your gameplay. This package includes 2 L/R Mods, Left Notches, Button Pad Perforation, and a like-new Modded GameCube controller. Display pictures are for reference only.


C-Stick Notches * 

We strongly suggest adding c-stick notches for angled tilts/smash attacks



One size does not fit all. Pick the mods that fit your playstyle.

Colored Button Set -ABXYSD-†

ABXY+START+DPAD installed only. We will include the rest of the set uninstalled.

Lowered Buttons Height

Get faster response times from your inputs with lowered buttons that make it easier to slide across and press

Trigger Mods

You already get 2 trigger mods included in your build so pick 2 more here


More info on our modifications can be found here: GameCube Controller Mods

Modded GameCube Controller Smash Ultimate
Ultimate Modded GameCube Controller Build – Smash Ultimate