Notches may look different as each controller is modified by hand to your specific request.

 Notches are constantly being refined and some styles may change.

Full Left Notches Smash Ultimate GameCube Controller Mods


  • Ultimate Movement Notches
  • Sweetspot Notches
  • Handcrafted by artisans 

Full Left Notches include the Ultimate Movement Notches (bottom four) and Sweetspot Notches (top four) controller mods. This pair combined gives you all the movement options you could ever need. Including perfect walking without dashing, perfect dashing without walking, drifting towards and away from enemies or ledges, and the option to bait movement from enemies. Paired with hitting sweetspots at the ledge and drifting away from enemies to create the perfect analog gate for the GameCube Controller.

Be sure to check out reviews from other players: Click here

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Ultimate Movement Notches Smash Ultimate


  • Improve Gameplay
  • Distinct Feedback
  • Handcrafted by artisans

Step up your neutral game in Smash Ultimate with the Ultimate Movement Notches. These are specifically designed by hand to help you bait movement from enemies as well as giving you perfect micro-movement capabilities in your neutral game.

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Sweetspot Notches GameCube Smash Ultimate


  • Improve Gameplay
  • Distinct Feedback
  • Handcrafted by artisans

These notches help guide you to hit specific angles around the ledge for recovery and drift away from enemies. Adding Sweetspot Notches and Ultimate Movement notches together will create the perfect analog gate for the GameCube Controller in Smash Ultimate.

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C-Stick Notches GameCube Smash Bros


Aesthetically pleasing, although the game inputs an attack/tilt before reaching the c-stick notch in smash ultimate, these notches help create another guide towards the attack/tilt that can help during those intense matches and feels better for some players based on their playstyle.

For Melee, characters like Mario, Samus, Captain Falcon, etc. find this mod useful for angled smash attacks.

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Complete Notches Switch Pro Controller


Complete Notches provide the best amount of movement options available for the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller. These switch pro notches will give you access to all the movement options the Cross and GameCube Notches provide. This Switch Pro controller mod allows for more specific angles for sweetspots, drifts, and baiting options for movement.

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GameCube Notches Switch Pro Controller


GameCube Notches are designed for players who come from playing on or prefer the Nintendo GameCube Controller. We’ve replicated the notch design from that controller’s analog gate. These notches will grant you more control than the original circle gate while giving you access to better angles for drifting away from other players, and sweet spotting recovery (Up-B).

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Melee Wavedash Notches GameCube Controller


  • Designed for Smash Bros Melee

Learning how to wavedash is hard enough, now try to master the lengths. The minimum and maximum wavedash notches give you the best consistent movement options like a pro player. Watch this clip to see them in action: WaveDash Distances.

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Sweetspot Notches Smash Melee GameCube


  • Designed for Smash Bros Melee

Ever get stuck under Battlefield as Fox or Falco? Our Sweetspot notches will help you fix that. Watch this video to understand the angles: YouTube Link.

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Shield Drop Notches GameCube


  • Designed for Smash Bros Melee

Crafting notches in the controller’s analog stick gate at the right point to make sure you never again miss that perfect shield drop.

Note: We no longer offer Max Wavedash + Shield Drops together as the notches can sometimes interfere with each other. 

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Button Height Reduction Smash Bros


  • Designed for all games

Improve your reaction time with lowered buttons to help you slide faster with performance you can feel. Each button is shaved down by hand to the perfect height for each game whether that be Smash Ultimate or Smash Melee. Button height reduction can be performed on other controllers such as the Switch Pro. 

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Swap Stickbox Capacitor


  • Capacitor can be installed on a Switch Pro Controller

A Snapback Capacitor mod eliminates the snapback, making this truly one of the best controller mods. Due to the nature of competitive play, the controller may need to be serviced at a later time if you notice inconsistent dashdances or the snapback returns. 

Greasing lubricates the stickbox to prolong the lifespan and keep things moving smoothly.

Swapping and Greasing a stickbox can help mitigate the number of times the snapback or dashback issues occur if it doesn’t remove it completely. 

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  • Perforation can be done on a Switch Pro Controller

Creating the smallest perfect incisions to the trigger and button pads makes for a  smoother and easier press resulting in better more consistent inputs. Combine Trigger Perforation and Trigger Spring Cut controller mods to create the best feeling and fastest triggers without the use of plugs or software. 

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Tactile Z Button


  • GameCube Controller only
  • This is not a Turbo Button or any type of illegal done-for-you input
  • Always check with your local TO for tournament rules

Significantly improve your inputs with the snappy mechanical feedback you can hear and feel! The new Tactile Z Button controller mod replaces the old and slow stock Z button on the GameCube Controller. The Tactile Z button is a mod to add to your controller that will increase your gameplay before the first stock.

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Spring Height Adjustment


  • Remove Spring & Cut 75% works in Melee only
  • Upon request, we may have metal trigger brackets and plugs available 

Improve your reaction time and speed to shield by cutting or removing your trigger springs. Controller mods Cut L/R Spring will take a percentage of the spring and remove it to reduce the distance between the press and activation of the shield. In Melee, Removing the spring gives you the triggers the fastest input as it will be fully lowered, but you will not be able to light shield anymore. We also suggest if you want a low trigger that doesn’t move around to do a Trigger Mod (Cut 75%) as this will do the same mod but not make your trigger feel mushy and loose.

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