Top 10 Tips To Improve At Smash Bros. Ultimate

Improve at Smash Bros Ultimate

Playing fighting games is not an easy thing. A game like Smash Bros. does not only test your ability to perform certain moves but questions your speed, calmness, and how you read the opposition. Smash Bros. Ultimate can be considered one of Nintendo’s most popular arcade games, hosting over a million players. With so many opponents put into the equation, the competition is tough. It is not easy to become good at this game, but it is possible. Luckily, we have assembled for you the top 10 tips to make yourself better and improve at Smash Ultimate. 

If you’re ready to improve at Smash Ultimate, we’ve got your guide to getting your gameplay as good as the day you received your MultiShine Controller in your mailbox. If you follow these tips, you can effectively upgrade your game, change your mindset, and get more wins. It’s important you’re also taking good care of your controller when you use it daily, and as such, we’ll go over a little information on how to best play Smash Ultimate so you don’t need to spam and mash buttons that destroy controllers and ruins gameplay. 

1. Opt For A Single Character (Best Way to Improve At Smash)

Each player has a specific way to play in Smash Ultimate, and there will always be characters that suit your style. With over 70 to choose from, you can’t possibly be using a different character every single game. That would throw you completely off balance and unfamiliar with how you would like the next game pan out. A better option would be to casually experiment with as many characters as you like. Go through their moves, special attacks, speed, etc. Then choose the one with which you play the best. Maybe you would vibe more with someone like Luigi, or possibly it could be someone like the joker. After selecting your perfect partner, dive deep into them, and master how to use them.

2. Experiment With Your Controller’s Settings

Fiddling with settings for a couple of casual matches can be extremely useful in the long run. Understand how your hand operates and what is accessible to it. The right analog stick is for smash attacks. This is fine for characters with kill setups, but changing it to tilts for some characters can diversify your play style in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Especially in cases where tilt moves may be more rapid and necessary. If you are using a tilt stick as an option you might want to look into a modded controller with notches on your c-stick for perfect directional tilts. You can also change your jump option to a button allowing you to get aerial in quicker successions as well as lowering your buttons on your modded controller. How you map your controller is up to you, and there is a wide variety of settings you can alter.

3. Watch The Pros

While many would regard this as a waste of time, watching experts play Smash Ultimate may help you learn how to play the game. To first perform something, we need to have an idea of how to do it. Log on to live stream events, watch live matches, and see real experts play Smash Ultimate. YouTubers such as Little Z, Alpharad, and Samsora are outstanding players and often lend out tips to their fans to help them improve at smash. You can study how these players use their characters, you can learn about the new beasts you get your hands on or even discover fighting styles you never imagined. The tip here is not just to aimlessly watch them, but break down why they are doing certain moves and take notes.

4. Play With Real Humans

Playing with a CPU won’t get you anywhere. Computer opponents run by computer code, hence they aren’t dynamic. Either it will be too easy or you’ll face the same pattern again and again. You won’t learn anything new or want to try something different since you know already how to beat them and every time which won’t help you improve at smash. Playing the online mode in Smash Bros. Ultimate, however, you will face stronger opponents challenging you to your utmost best. You’ll be on your guard when you don’t know what’s coming and this will make you quicker. Online play will help you grow. It is a lot more fun anyway!

5. Understand Your Opponents

Usually, when you’re playing and trying to improve at Smash Ultimate it is highly likely all of your focus is on your character. Your eyes constantly glare the same fighter and your vision is blocked. Try focusing on the opponent for once. You cannot always perform the same set of moves to win over and over again. It is better to see how the other person is playing and adapt accordingly to beat them their own way.

6. Stop Relying On Smash Attacks

It is hard to disagree with the fact that smash attacks are easy to pull off and extremely effective, however, missing them can result in a huge set back with you left exposed. Smash attacks aren’t bad but they have their special place. They just shouldn’t be your go to move for everything. Being over reliant on them makes you predictable. Try using them when your opponent is vulnerable, exposed or rolling but avoid using them when it’s a far fetch.

7. Control The Center

Almost all of the 100 stadiums present in the Smash Bros. Ultimate are similar to each other. There is a single main platform with smaller platforms surrounding it. Your goal is to stay at the centre of the main platform. This is reckoned as the neutral zone. Staying inside it doesn’t guarantee a win but it does make the whole map more reachable to you. Wherever your opponent runs, you will be near them. To add, the opponent will have to attack from a compromised position, either from above or the side giving you enough time to counter.

8. Avoid Excessive Rolling

Why would anyone suggest a thing like this when rolling is the safest option to move out of the way? With jumping, dashing, dodging all leaving you vulnerable shouldn’t you always opt for rolling with you being invincible while rolling? Well, rolling can be a problem sometimes. More like an enemy than a friend. Rolling makes you predictable, as you’ll always roll a certain distance and there’ll always be lag after rolling. The opponent can make the most of this situation and get a good blow. Better to shield or counter a move, or just run away if there’s enough time.

9. Use Tilt Moves

You may think the Smash Bros. Ultimate is all about smashing your opponents but you best not forget your job is to land maximum damage. Though heavy attacks may land the most damage but missing a smash attack can leave you exposed. Even in case you do land one, your opponent goes flying and you have no way to build a combo. Tilts are something people usually overlook. These small moves (kicks, punches) can continuously be struck to lower your opponent’s health or create an opening. This is a safer way to play and keeps your opponent paralyzed. Just make sure to back off before your opponent can counter. If you are using a tilt stick, you may want to upgrade to a modded controller with tilt stick notches. 

10. Be Patient

Smash Bros. Ultimate is a very difficult game and with the amount of diversity involved, you can’t master it in a single day or two. There are so many controls to learn and it takes time before they are part of your muscle memory. It is best for you to be patient, keep on playing, and not give up. You will lose at the start but eventually, it will become much easier to improve at Smash. A piece of cake. So you should take your time and master the game gradually.

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