Beware of Counterfeit Nintendo Switch Pro Controllers: 4 Things to Check

Counterfeit Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

Counterfeit Nintendo Switch Pro controllers are a major problem consumers face when looking to 3rd party shops on places like eBay or Amazon. Just because the controller has Nintendo’s branding does not mean it’s real. How do you determine if your controller is fake? Read our tips on making sure your controller is real and be sure to check out our video explaining and showing more info:

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Counterfeit Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

The first thing you’ll notice is the Nintendo Switch Branding. It is there and looks legit but if you notice the logo is not centered with the Smash Ball paint job. Some might think this is just poor quality from Nintendo but that is not the case. The next thing that looks off is the Smash Ball paint job itself. There are many fake controllers with very poor paint jobs but this was one of the best I’ve seen. However, if you look above the Dpad and around some of the buttons you’ll see paint worn down. This is a sign that the controller is not a Genuine Nintendo Product.


The next thing I’d do to check your controller is to look at the packaging itself. I note in the video that the box mentions Xenoblade and the plastic wrapping around the controller is missing a bar code. You can also see from the video that the controllers plastic on the top of it over the USB-C connector is flush and has a tab over the connection button, indicating a Genuine Nintendo Product.

Do your Dpad, buttons, and triggers feel ‘sloppy’? Does it feel like it’s moving around when you shake the controller? The fakes have very bad Dpads and buttons. The buttons will feel loose but the sticks themselves will feel OEM, check for the rings around the sticks on Genuine Controllers. The fake Analog sticks will only have 1-3 rings wrapped around it whereas the Genuine controllers will have a lot more rings wrapped around.


The connection lights under the Switch Pro should look like squares. If they are more circular you probably have a fake or 3rd party controller. I’ve highlighted the counterfeit Nintendo Switch Pro controller’s connection lights. Compare them with the real one from above.

Fake Switch Pro Connection


If you go to your right analog stick and move it down and shine a light inside the controller you should see the message “Thanks to all game fans!” This is a message from Nintendo. The counterfeit Nintendo Switch Pro makers weren’t playing around though, they have their own message inside the controller and it says “THX4ALL GAMEFANSC — So as you can see something went wrong with their translation/copy of the text.

Here is an image from a Reddit user named c1cadaman showing the real motherboard’s message:

MultiShine Controllers Modded Controller


If you found one of these counterfeit Nintendo Switch Pro controllers on eBay for a really good price, sure they’ll work for Smash Ultimate but I can’t say for how long. Looking at the parts they are cheaply made and the battery might not last as long but I’m sure you could use it for the time being. I would never recommend buying something that is claiming to be a “NINTENDO” Product and duping you out of your money. This post was made for people who might have purchased a counterfeit Nintendo Switch Pro controller without realizing it. The fakes are getting good and who knows in the next year how much better they’ll get.

If you were sold a counterfeit Nintendo Switch Pro controller claiming to be real you should request a refund from the seller. Watch out for deals on eBay as most of these fakes are flooding the market, especially during the upcoming holidays.

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