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Controller Information

Each GameCube® & Switch Pro® controller is handcrafted with (OEM) Nintendo® parts.

We offer a full range of modifications including but not limited to Notches, Trigger Perforation, Cut Springs, and Stickbox Fixes. Learn about the best modifications for your setup.

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Control Stick Notches

We create notches around the octogon shaped analog stick opening that allow Max/Min Wavedashes, Shield Drops, Sweetspots, C-Stick Angles, and Movement/Sweetspot Notches for Smash Ultimate

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Trigger Mods

Trigger Perforation lessens the strain on the L/R trigger press which allows for effort-less trigger pressing. Spring Removal / Decreasing provides quick digital input and lowers the height of the trigger itself.

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Button Mods

Button Height Reduction provides faster digital inputs. This makes doing certain tasks faster. e.g. Multishining with Y + B buttons.

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Check out what others are saying

Matt S.

I thought I wouldn't like the rough edges since they look like sharp teeth but after playing a few games I immediately fell in love with the smoothness and won't be going back to a normal controller ever again.

Ian W.

I love the new controller with the shield drop notches. I noticed instantly the difference in consistency and ease. I feel like I am well equipped now; I have a reliable tool to aid me in defeating other smashers. Keep up with the mods.

Andrew H.

So after about a week of using the controller I fell in love with it. The triggers are great and the notches give me so many angles!