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Modded GameCube Controller for Smash Ultimate

Elite Smash will feel like you're playing against Level-2 CPUs.

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Modded Switch Pro Controller

Build the perfect Wireless Nintendo Switch Pro Controller for Smash Ultimate.

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Modded GameCube Controller for Smash Melee

See You In Top 8.

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Whether you're grinding Smash or casually playing Mario Kart, these epic controllers are sure to give you the competitive advantage.

Controller Information

Each GameCube® & Switch Pro® controller build uses official (OEM) Nintendo® boards and parts.

We offer a wide range of modifications including but not limited to Stick Gate Notches, Tactile Z Buttons, Cut Springs, and Snapback Removal. Learn more about the best modifications for your controller.

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Control Stick Notches

Step up your game in Smash Melee or Smash Ultimate with Analog Notches that give you more movement and recovery options than a traditional controller.

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Trigger Mods

Improve your reaction time and speed to shield by cutting or removing your trigger springs.

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Button Mods

Improve your reaction time with lowered buttons to help you slide faster with performance you can feel.

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What People Are Saying


Absolutely love the controller.. already getting used to the notches after a few games and I’m ready to get ready for tournaments. Cheers. 10/10 order!

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So far I’m in love with my Controller it really has helped me improve my tech skill & allows me movement that I really couldn’t do that consistent on a regular controller. 10/10 definitely recommend if you looking to step up your skills & play competitive! 💪💯

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Seemed pricey at first, but was absolutely worth it immediately after purchasing. Especially after being let down time and time again, just trying to find a decent controller- this one is fantastic. Would absolutely buy again.

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