Melee Modded GameCube Controller Build – Smash Melee

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$289 From: $250

The Melee Modded controller comes with Shield Drop, Max or Min Wavedash, and Sweetspot notches installed. This controller is designed for Super Smash Bros. Melee. Display pictures are for reference only.

Snapback Capacitor (NEW) ✨ *

We strongly recommend installing this mod as it will eliminate neutral-b snapback drifting.

Tactile Z Button (NEW) ✨

Significantly improve your inputs with the snappy mechanical feedback you can hear and feel!


Buttons Lowered

The perfect addition for faster button inputs and easier sliding for better tech skill

Colored Button Set -ABXYSD-†

ABXY+START+DPAD installed only. We will include the rest of the set uninstalled

Trigger Mods

Controller Mods

More info on our modifications can be found here: GameCube Controller Mods

Smash Melee Modded GameCube Controller
Melee Modded GameCube Controller Build – Smash Melee
$289 From: $250 Select options