Send In Service – GameCube Ultimate


Confirm your controller is eligible for MultiShine Send in Service:

  • The controller needs to be in like-new condition without any odor or dirt.
  • The controller’s stick needs to be in working condition and can only be swapped(Gamecube) if it’s a newer stickbox.
  • There needs to be no fraying in any of the wires.

By placing an order for this service you confirm that you are sending in your own controller for mods to use in Smash Ultimate, and not purchasing one from MultiShine Controllers.


C-Stick Notches * 

We suggest adding c-stick notches for angled tilts/smash attacks



One size does not fit all. Pick the mods that fit your playstyle.

ABXYC installed only. If you want everything installed tick “Install Full Button Set” below.

This will install the full colored button set including ABXYLR, C-Stick and Analog Stick. NOT recommended for Tournament use.

Add-on Lowered Buttons Height

Add-on Trigger Mods


More info on our modifications can be found here: GameCube Controller Mods

Send In GameCube
Send In Service – GameCube Ultimate