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Shield Dropping Notches & More
We utilize the debug menu in Mangus420's version of Melee. This helps us find the specific angle where we can create a notch in the controller for perfect shield drops, sweet spots and wavedashes.

Shield drop data

Button Mods
Lowering the height of buttons takes some time for us to do as we measure the amount the individual wants taken off and are constantly checking if it meet their requirements. We even the button out at the end and make sure everything is smooth enough for the quickest inputs.

Shoulder Button Mods
We offer 4 types of of modifications to your L/R buttons. First one being a spring removal, which is us opening your controller removing the spring and lubing it. This can allow for faster digital input but can lower the default height of the button and remove the option for light-shielding. We then offer a cutting of spring which can lower the default height to your liking.

Trigger Boosting - can give you default height with the fastest digital input.

Trigger Strain Reduction - can have less strain on input and ideally less strain on hands.*

Special Thanks:

  • 1-Kadano
  • 2-Mangus420