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Control Stick Mods (Notches)

Shield Drop Notches - We make notches in the controller's analog stick opening at the right point to make sure you hit that perfect shield drop.

WaveDash Notches - A lot of people didn't know there is longer and shorter lengths ie: Reddit post- from that link you can see it in action here: WaveDash Lengths. What we do is create those specific notches to ensure max and min wavedashes. When ordering this mod with shield drops there might be an issue with one side not having the notch.

SweetSpot Notches - Ever get stuck under Battlefield as Fox/Falco? Our sweetspot notches can help you fix that. Here is a video helping explain the sweetspot: YouTube Link.

Full Control Stick Mods


Better Stickboxes or Greasing

We change the C-Stick and the Analog's Stickboxes to help with dash dancing problems. This also helps with the jumping turn around lazer problem spacie mains have. We can also grease the stickbox for similar results.

Lessen Trigger Strain*

Inside of the Shoulder Button's housing is a rubber plate at the bottom that reaches the motherboard of the controller to tell the controller you are doing an input. We make small incisions to that plate to lessen the strain on your fingers pushing down to reach that input which also results in a faster input. Our controllers are NOT a replacement for Hand Stretching.

Lowered Button


Button Mods (Lowering Height)

At MultiShine we're all about tech skill and fast inputs so we shave down those buttons to the perfect height for you to make inputs as fast as possible while making the controller feel better when spamming tech skill!

Trigger Mods


Trigger Boosting

Doing this mod enables you to keep the default height of the L/R buttons while having the fastest inputs for them. What we do is put a block inside of the trigger that can hit the input as soon as you touch the button. Only downsides to this is you can no longer light shield with that button.

Trigger Mod (Removal)

Simply put we remove the spring, making the trigger have a fast input but it will be fully lowered and again no option for light shielding.

Trigger Mod (Cut)

Similar to the removal we cut the spring to have a faster input than original but you get to keep light shielding. This can lower the trigger a little bit.

Service Fee

We will never have a minimum to order something but we do charge a Service Fee of $20 to do work to any controller.