Modded Notched GameCube Shells – Smash Ultimate

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From: $55

Build your own notched GameCube shell faceplate. This build does not come with internals(motherboard) or screwdrivers. The notches are made for Smash Ultimate only. You will have to assemble your own GameCube controller together when buying this build.



More info on our modifications can be found here: GameCube Controller Mods

Left Notches * 

C-Stick Notches * 

We suggest adding c-stick notches for angled tilts/smash attacks


Include FREE Rear shell

Stock is limited, this option will provide you with a rear OEM shell matching your faceplate color if we have the stock.

Add-on Trigger Mods

Any trigger mods will be installed into the free rear shell if we have stock available, if not mods will be put in a container for you to install.

Add-on Lowered Buttons Height

Notched GameCube Shell
Modded Notched GameCube Shells – Smash Ultimate