Basic Package Modded GameCube Controller

From: $135.00

Build your own Basic Package controller to consistently hit those shield drops.



Add more mods to the Basic Package. It might be cheaper to upgrade to a Standard Package.

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This Basic Package includes:

  • Your choice of any OEM Nintendo® GameCube® Controller*
  • Shield Drop Notches
  • (1) Lowered Button X or Y
  • (2) L/R Trigger Greasing L+R

More info on our modifications can be found here: GameCube Controller Mods

Please allow up to 1-4 weeks for a controller to be made and shipped out.

If you’d like a more rare color controller or a mixed shell i.e. (white rear + black front) send us an email.

*Every controller is tournament ready but might have scuffs as they’re refurbished, controllers.

†Colored button sets come with buttons A, B, X, Y, L, R, and C-stick installed by default(Not Analog Joystick and Z button). We recommend if you’re going to use this controller for tournament use to leave the Analog Joystick and Z button stock as the colored sets have tight fitment that could impact your gameplay. If you don’t care about this please send us an email after you’ve ordered the controller to let us know to install everything.

‡ Any stickbox mod we do is not guaranteed to fix your stickbox issues if your controller has the issue it will mitigate the number of times the issue occurs if it doesn’t remove it completely.

Additional information


OEM White JPN, OEM Smash4 White, OEM Smash4 Black, OEM Smash Ultimate, OEM Black, OEM Indigo, OEM Platinum

Lowered Button 1

X, Y, None


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